Kennel of German shepherd

Breeding males

Romeo z Jukasu
(Henrik v. Wolfsheim x Gucci z Jukasu)      *20.5.2018
HD/ED normal, spondy 0, LÜW (SV), DNA gpr. (SV), DM N/N, coat L/l, SG, Kkl1
BH (53), IGP1 (99-91-98), IGP2 (94-94-98), IGP3 (95-92-96)
--> photos
--> video of obedience training 12/2020
--> video of protection training 12/2020
--> video of obedience training
--> video of obedience+protection training
Romeo is medium size male, nice and strong. He is very stable and has great temperament. He is stable in all three phases of IPO.
We are preparing him for competitions! Ready for stud :o)

Chester z Jukasu
(Kato Aritar Bastet x Aischa z Jukasu)      *19.4.2014
HD/ED normal, spondy 0 (CZ), DNA gpr. (SV), DM N/N, coat L/L, SG, Kkl1
BH (58), IPO1 (99-95-100), IPO2 (97-94-96), IPO3 (99-96-96), IGP3 (79-93-99)

Czech Championship of GSD 2020 - IGP3 - 31. place (of 80) - 80-90-89
CACT 2019 - IGP3 - 7. place (of 15) - 67-86-97 - BEST PROTECTION
Czech Championship of MSKS 2018 - IGP3 - 7. place (of 30) - 85-82-92

--> photos
--> video of protection training
--> video of obedience training

Chester is one of the best dogs for me. He is social, very stable everywhere, still ready to work. The best protector of his family ! He has great temperament and his best part of IPO is protection. He has full and very strong grips. He has natural aggresion on protection.
He mated 17 females. All his puppies, who were on x-rays, are HD/ED normal (CZ) !

Young males

Asterix z Jukasu
(Satoris Uran x Rixi z Jukasu)      *20.6.2020
HD/ED normal (SV), DM N/N, coat L/l

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--> video of obedience training